We have seen a lot of exciting change at Powerpoint within the last few years following the successful North-East launch in Aberdeen, March 2017.  

We want to see a generation of young people across Scotland living for God. We believe it is an incredible privilege to provide opportunities for young people to learn more about Jesus and to worship with their friends.

Over a typical weekend our events reach more than 1000 young people to support them in their faith.  We would love to encourage and facilitate this in any way we can, by empowering young people to connect and be a positive change in their schools, neighbourhoods and families. 


We would love to personally invite you to partner with Powerpoint so that you can share in everything we are currently doing within the ministry and help us as we grow in 2019 and beyond.  If you would like to consider giving a monthly donation or a bespoke amount please email us at [email protected]


We continue to value everyone who has been part of our story and feel grateful for any expressions of your support- financial, practical or in prayer. Powerpoint relies solely on donations in order to operate and therefore we would be grateful for any way you can unite with us to help see these exciting plans become reality. We would love for you to become a part of the wider Powerpoint family. 

If you would like to stay up to date, please connect with us via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  It would be wonderful to stay in touch with you as we journey together.

With love and blessings, 

The Powerpoint Team